Packages with food and hygiene assets in the amount of 100.000 USD will be allocated to most jeopardized Roma families in Macedonia that are socially and economically hit by the health crisis, announced the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia which donated the funds.

“In a situation of extremely uncertain and risky condition that our society is in and the public health included, the need for protecting the most vulnerable citizens is high. The highest priority for the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia is the protection and the improvement of life conditions for everyone, including the marginalized citizens. It is of extreme importance in these moments for a support to be provided to the most vulnerable groups of citizens by increasing the possibility of maintaining regular hygiene and disinfection but also through support by providing food during the period of isolation. For that purpose, FOOM in cooperation with the Red Cross in the Republic of North Macedonia has provided humanitarian packages with food and hygiene packages that will be enough for the duration of one month in order to serve a family of one family consisting of 4 to 6 members” said the press release.

With this action, around 10.000 citizens from the Roma community will be reached i.e. 2000 families living in Shuto Orizari in Skopje area, tetovo, Gostivar, Prilep, Kumanoov, Delchevo, Vinica Pehchevo and Crnik village.

The distribution of packages will start tomorrow and will end by the 10th of April.