The international lindane tender didn’t fail, but its application deadline was extended until the 16th of December by UNOPS in order to provide more time for more companies to provide more interest to participate on the tender, informed today the Minister of Environment Naser Nuredini. We expect that we shall be presented with innovative ideas for cleaning and remedying the little depot with lindane by the companies that will apply. already wrote that on the 15th of October there was a call for a tender for cleaning of the small lindane depot that is located in the yard of the former Ohis company. This marked the process of solving this enormous environmental problem that is polluting the wider space of the Skopje valley, including the air, the soil, and the underground waters.

The tender was supposed to end on the 11th of November, but UNOPS, the UN’s agency that called for the tender decided to extend the deadline until the 16th of December in order to allow potential offerors an additional period to present their technology for remediation, plans related to the secure operating at the small depot. According to Nuredini, the cleaning of the small depot will cost 6 million euros while the cleaning of the big depot is estimated to cost from 40 to 60 million euros.

The cleaning of the small depot should start in March not later than May or June, said the minister of environment.