The dispute between the Republic of North Macedonia and the German company Wiebe about the unfinished railroad section Kumanovo – Beljakovce will be taken to an international court. The Minister for Transportation and Communications, Blagoj Bochvarski announced today that the stopping of the construction works will be solved via arbitrage as the contractor Wiebe informed the Public Enterprise for Railway Infrastructure Railroads in RNM on the 29th of May that it requests termination of the contract for the building of the 30.8 km long railway Corridor 8 (East – West) railway section.

Minister Bochvarski said that they will wait for the arbitrage decision regarding the terminated agreement and hinted that there will be a call for a new tender for finishing the building of this railroad section in 2021. He explained that the low level of achieved capital investments (31.6 %) at the Ministry of Transport and Communications as of August is a result of the under achievements that are happening at the Corridor 8 i.e. the railway connection with Bulgaria.