The additional Deputy Minister of Finance, Kire Naumov met with the Minister of Finance Kiril Minovski, where they discussed current topics such as the borrowing with the new Eurobond, the reimbursement of the flood victims, as well as the budget for 2017.

Naumov believes that in the current political situation, “temporary budget financing” is needed, instead of proposing and adopting a new budget.

This means that resources for funding ongoing and planned obligations will be secured with the government’s decision, whereas with “temporary financing”, it would reflect the first quarter of the budget for 2016.

The Parliamentary Committee for Financing and Budget has continued its session today on the budget rebalance.

An additional 36.4 million euros will be requested with the rebalance, which should be used to repair the damages in the flooded areas.

With the new budget rebalance, the deficit shall be increased from 3.6 to 4% from the gross domestic product (GDP). With a projection of 174.291 million denars, the revenue remains unchanged. Expenditures increased from 195.472 million denars to 197.410 million denars.