MCET: More than half of the citizens believe that “bombs” are real


Citizens increasingly believe that audio recordings published by the opposition are authentic, according to the Macedonian Center for European Training, which has based its claims on the survey, reports “A1on“.

According to their results, 96 percent of people have heard of the scandal “Wiretapping,” and 88 percent of citizens personally heard some of the recordings published by the opposition.

MCET say this is a surprising result, given that the majority of the media didn’t publish the recorded conversations.

– The moment that anti-government narrative declines in rural and urban areas alike is surprising. It is the best indicator that people follow what is happening and try to inform – said Andreja Stojkovski.

Bojan Barichik says growing civic consciousness can be recognized because, according to the poll, 41 percent of citizens believe that the recordings are made by Macedonian secret police, while 22 percent believe that the pictures are made by foreign authorities. More than half of citizens, or 52 percent, believe that the contents of the recordings are true, while 19 percent believe the tapes are mounted, cut and manipulated.

– The majority of citizens do not accept the narrative of the Government while the media is predominantly undertaken by it. We are positively surprised by this fact because the first time more citizens are moving beyond propaganda. Public awareness that we could not recognize is appearing – Marichik said.

More than half, or 52 percent, believe the talks are more important than who tapped to resolve the political crisis. On the other hand, 21 percent believe that it is important who created the recordings.

The narrative of the Government is in decline if we take into account previous statistics, according to MCET.

Albanians believe in anti-government narrative, according to MCET, so 73 percent of them believe that the content more important than the recordings that made versus 47 percent of Macedonians who think the content is more important than the source of the recorded conversations.

The research was done over a period from 4 to 13th of June, through telephone interviews, on 1,201 respondents.

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