Survey in North Macedonia: 34% of the respondents won’t get vaccinated against COVID-19

Извор на фотографија: Министерство за здравство

Around 34% of all of the respondents in the survey carried out in North Macedonia by the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” – Skopje have responded that they don’t want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and 16 % haven’t decided yet whether they want to be vaccinated or not. The remaining 50% have expressed their readiness to be vaccinated when asked whether they would be vaccinated tomorrow if there are available vaccines.

The field survey was carried out with 1 010 respondents in the period 17 February -10 March 2021, and the main questions referred to the Parliament’s work.

The majority of these respondents who stated they would vaccinate have accepted the Pfizer vaccine as best (39%) followed by the Russian Sputnik V (21%), the Chinese Sinofarm (6%), and Moderna vaccine (5%). The least number of people chose the AstraZeneca vaccine (2%). 27% of the respondents don’t know or didn’t answer which vaccine they would opt for.

Regarding the work of North Macedonia’s Government, half of the respondents consider the Government is not doing enough for mitigation of the COVID crisis. 53% of the respondents consider that the Government isn’t doing enough to deal with the current crisis in the health sector, the economy, and education. Only 39% of the citizens are pleased with the measures implemented by the Government while 8% had no opinion nor provided an answer.