Civic NGO Most asking for open lists and a stop to media donations to political campaigns


Open lists, legal fixes to the gray area in the financing of party campaign and a stop to the media being able to donate to party campaigns, are some of the recommendations that were presented in the working document of the civic association Most, which is an active observer of elections in Macedonia in the past 13 years.

– The recommendations in this document regard the most important aspects of the electoral process, such as the electoral mechanism, diaspora voting, the State Elections Commission, the electoral lists, campaign financing and protection of voting rights. These are not offered as substitutes for the recommendations that were set forth by Most in all previous elections, rather they have to read in addition to the previous documents. Some of these recommendations are part of the negotiations between the political parties and another part is what Most has been striving for in the past- said the Executive Director of Most, Darko Aleksov at a press conference today.

From the civic association they recommend that the voting mechanism in the diaspora should be revised and that this should be suspended in the coming elections. Furthermore, they say, there should be a wider debate about the aspects of the voting mechanism so that the best solution is sought out.

Regarding the financing of elections campaigns, Most is expecting to see a deadline by which all financial accounts of the election campaigns should be closed. According to this non-government organization, the absence of such deadline can cause problems in the revision of the financial reports. They also say, that the media should not be able to donate to political parties by giving discounts in political advertising.

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