Mogherini: The doors to Europe can’t remain shut


Frederica Mogherini, the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy, who also holds office as Vice-President of the European Commission has issued a statement on the current immigration crisis. She stated that the immigration crisis now facing us in Europe is one of the biggest crisis’s the continent has faced since the World War 2. Ms Mogherini went on to say Europe can no longer keep its doors closed to refugees, because in doing so, we would no longer ” be Europe.”

“Not a single country” said Ms Mogherini “can deal with this challenge on its own, each individual country must play a part in overcoming, what are, common challenges that have arisen due to the refugee crisis.”

– We need an answer from the EU. We need cooperation at the highest level from all EU members and their partners. We are prepared to increase our support, financially, and to help our partners in strengthening border controls and combating the chain of human trafficking . It is also important that our partners to do their part in overcoming this crisis – said Mogherini in an article published in the Austrian daily newspaper “Der Standard Vienna .”

Too often, according to the Commissioner, the European debate on immigration was associated with passing blame elsewhere.

– Rather than passing the blame on, we must work for a common solution. This cannot be delayed any longer because the life and dignity of these people has been threatened. Many are fleeing from civil war, and from poverty. It is not about opening EU  borders, but we have a responsibility to these people. The doors to Europe can not remain closed to these refugees. If this happens, we are no longer Europe – Mogherini said, adding that overcoming the crisis will be an important test for the EU, but also to the Western Balkans and their European perspective.

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