Mexhiti: Religious symbols should not be used in daily politics


If you can have lions and bulls in Skopje, and maybe the whole zoo, why not the double headed eagle , which means something to the the people of that part of town. So many monuments have been constructed on the other side, realistically, I doubt there is not even one Macedonian who knows who all of the monuments are. In Cair, an in the past ten years we have built ten monuments including Skanderbeg, Hasan Prishtina and the doubled headed eagle, says the Mayor of Cair Izet Mexhiti in an interview to “Radio Free Europe“.

Regarding the construction of the cross however, he said that the decision to build the cross “was in response to the double-headed eagle ,logically if they want to build something, it should be a lion, or an symbol of Macedonian ethnicity.”

“Our position on this matter is that they must not be allowed to abuse religious symbols in daily politics. But the question is risky. we don’t have the strength to be part of their game and respond by building a minaret or something similar. But Albanians belong to three religious communities. We appreciate that if their is a minaret. there should be a mosque, and if there is a cross there should be a church or monastery. However, this is no place for a cross or minaret  among an intersection or on the street”, concluded Mexhiti.

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