At the protest before the MOI, people demanded responsiblity from Spasovski and announced new “initiatives” from the WMC


Around a thousand citizens today responded to the call from the World Macedonian Congress (WMC) to show their anger against the Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, which according to the WMC, let individuals from the DUI party occupy the foundations of where the cross in meant to be constructed in Butel.

In front of the MOI, people gathered with placards that read “Oliver, why do you get paid?”, “Oliver, do your duty”, “Oliver, let the professionals do their work”, and many chanted “Resign”, “Macedonia, Macedonia” and “Traitor”.

Before the citizens spoke the President of the WMC, Todor Petrov who said that despite the physical assault upon him by the group led by Izet Mexhiti one week earlier, he mustered up the strength to attend the protest today.

He stated that he will request from Parliament that the Przhino Agreement be abolished, and in his own words, “to restore the constitutional order of the country”.
Petrov also went on to say as a sign of peace, on March the 13th, Sunday Forgiveness, he shall launch an initiative to build a church in the name Theofan Stilian Noli or better known as Fan Noli, the founder of the Albanian Orthodox Church. The church, according to the WMC’s initiative, will be located in between the Municipalities of Cair and Butel.

At the protest there wasn’t a large police presence and it ended peacefully with an applause and the song “A, bre Makendonche”.

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