Macedonian Ministry of Interior: False messages with forged signature by Deputy Minister of Interior Nestorovska were sent from a Hungarian company


The computer crime and digital forensics sector at the Ministry of Interior announced today that it determined the location from where the false invitations for an alleged investigation with the State Secretary Magdalena Nestorovska’s signature, were sent.

On the photographs shared by Nestorovska, it can me noticed that the message has a police logo and in the bottom part of the message has a photograph inserted that falsely presents scanned documents about the alleged investigation.

“The photograph is a link to a web page that can attach a malicious software. This link is currently down. But, after the web page was investigated it was determined its owner is Energy Environment Advisory Enterprise, a legal entity located in Bahrain that offers services at Saudi Arabia’s oil fields” informs the ministry.

MOI reveals that after they checked the email address an analysis of the message’s header was made from where the false messages were sent, [email protected], it was determined that its owner is the Hungarian company FAMASZ.

The Sector for computer crime and digital forensics sends a plea to citizens and legal entities not to open attached documents in messages that weren’t sent from verified and known senders, in order to not to fall for scams such as this.

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