Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science will withdraw, change and reprint the disputed sociology school book


The Ministry of Education and Science will be making changes in the sociology school book for second year, secondary education that was causing an avalanche of reactions in the past few days. It’s about content that discriminates the women i.e. it claims that if the woman is closed at home it will not be able to do criminal acts.

The plan of the Pedagogy Service for revision of school books includes this sociology book as well and by the start of 2020/2021 school year its content will be accordingly changed and when reprinted the school book will be distributed at schools, informs the Ministry of Education and Science (MES).

They also stated that MES has had and will have the support and assistance in the process of upgrading the content in the school books mostly from those that work with them i.e. the professors and the pupils.

Objections about this school book were filed at the Bureau for the development of education upon MES’ request for examination of the content of the school books in order to be modernized especially for those that are used in secondary education (since they were approved in the period between 2001 and 2006). This school book’s content will be changed.

“The reasons for women’s different participation in crime activities are explained with women’s social standing. If the woman is closed in he home and has no public activities then she will no opportunities to conduct any crimes. This way, the woman is protected from many communications, responsibilities, contests, conflicts and is directed towards keeping the family. This will help to be less exposed to criminal factors” writes the school book.

Also, on the same page it states that “adultery is a crime act.” The women perform the following crime acts: adultery, abortion, blackmailing, theft, forgery.”

The Executive Director of the ‘Margini’ Coalition, Irena Cvetkovik said that behind the empty phrases of scientific truths in Macedonian education there all sorts of stereotypes and discriminatory stances that are hiding behind.

She addressed the authorities including the academics to start a process of a complete revision of all school books and working books as a first step towards starting a thorough and complete reform of the Macedonian educational system.

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