In just five days of the school year, 53 students and 8 teachers ended up in isolation

ОУ Гоце Делчев

From the beginning of the school year a total of 53 students and 8 teachers in North Macedonia ended up in isolation, and in all the schools where new cases of COVID-19 were registered, there is due dilligence in the physical aspect of the teaching process, the Ministry of Education and Science of North Macedonia reports.

“Six out of total of eight teachers were not in direct contact with the children, since the classes are held online. In addition, all of the teachers and the students in isolation are in the distance learning programme, which ensures the continuity of the educational process,“ announced the MOES.

Since yesterday evening, 10 students from the second grade in the Primary school “Koco Racin” in the village of Podaresh, in Municipality of Radovish, are also in isolation after their classmate tested positive for COVID-19, but there are currently no primary school teachers who are sick or are in isolation.

Two of the teachers who have worked with a physical presence in the Primary school “Goce Delchev”, and one of the students are positive to COVID-19, and another 39 children from the same school are in isolation, for prevention’s sake. The other three children who are positive, are individual cases – one in the primary school “Andrea Saveski – Kyikyish” in Tetovo, one in the primary school “Vancho Prke” in Shtip and one in the primary school “Cyril and Methodius” in Kochani. The Centres for Public Health follow the algorithms and there were no isolation recommendations, because the protective measures have been obeyed, explains the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES) of North Macedonia.

This morning the Municipality of Centar informed that 22 first grade pupils from two classes in the Goce Delchev Primary School are in isolation.

“The mother of one of the first-grade pupils, who is a teacher in the same school, although for a couple of days had the symptoms of the coronavirus and didn’t go to work, yet brought her child to classes. The Municipality of Centar sharply condemns the irresponsible behavior of the teacher and expect from the director of the schooll to fully investigate the case and sanction the teacher,” says the Office of the mayor of Centar Municipality, Sasha Bogdanovikj.