Two days before the expiration of the deadline that the Government was given by the organizers of the environmental protest, the Government issued a press release that states that it accepts the first seven requests of the “Marching for Clean Air”.

As informed previously, after the environmentalists initially rejected the government’s offer for negotiations, the 30 environmental civic associations that organized the last week’s protest against the air pollution in Skopje, issued a counter-proposal where they demand the government to meet seven out of 200 requests from the so called “Green Book” as a predicament in order to meet together and negotiate.

On the top of the list is the request for urgent adoption of the Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) for Vardarishte waste damp. The Government’s reply was that this request is acceptable and it informed that the municipality of Gazi Baba’s DUP is at the moment under adjustment at the City of Skopje and is expected to be adopted at the next session of the city’s Council. The Government also informed that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the municipality of Gazi Baba in the shortest time period will be discussing the adopted DUP and the plan will be adopted no later than the end of 2019.

Also the requests for starting investigations by the Public Prosecution against OHIS and the incineration of cables in Skopje were accepted and the Government stressed that it will provide all evidence that were collected by the Ministry of Environment and Planning and the State Inspectorate for the Environment. It also called upon the Public Prosecution to heed the voice of the citizens and to start a procedure against OHIS and the incineration of cables in Skopje.