The Macedonian and Turkish Railway companies are in the middle of talks about the possibility of introducing a tourist train from Istanbul via Thessaloniki to Skopje. As informs the Macedonian railways, the director Orhan Murtezani was having talks on this subject during the meeting with the General Manager of Turkish Railways (TCDD) that took place by the end of the previous month.

The Turkish railways also issued an information about the Summit of all Balkan railways that will meet in spring next year in Istanbul in order to talk about connecting all Balkan cities with railway lines. Macedonia’s railways Transport received an invitation to participate in this summit.

This arrives in a period when the Balkan countries have the lowest number of trains that are interlinked with in its entire history of existence. Even the new train schedule for 2020 our country will be connected with abroad only through the express train Skopje – Prishtina – Skopje. The train to Belgrade and Thessaloniki will be active only during the summer months. Such cuts in the international railway traffic are not only happening domestically but in countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Croatia.