Diplomatic reaction of the ambassadors of Germany and the United States in Skopje and request for the resignation of the Macedonian government has not left Athens indifferent.

Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” reports that diplomatic sources in Athens noted that these steps of the diplomatic missions of the key international players will lead, as pointed out, “autocratic” Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, to a hopeless situation and thus new conditions and situations in the political life in Macedonia will be created.

According to diplomatic assessments, this turnaround will certainly affect Greece as well.

The newspaper said the governments of both countries are currently carrying out secret diplomatic negotiations over the idea of adopting confidence-building measures for which is not known where they would ended up and what their future is, given the internal problems in both countries.

“Initially was announced that the measures would be aimed at dealing with the irredentist ideology of the regime of Gruevski, but it’s still not clear what their content is, nor opportunities for substantive negotiations at the moment Gruevski’s government is shattered and strong opportunities to approaching political end to Gruevski,” reports “Kathimerini.”

The Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated for META a few days ago that the two governments are considering proposals for measures and will state their opinion on them next week.

Meanwhile, Minister Kodzias said from New York that there are common points between the two lists of proposals from the Macedonian and Greek side.

According to unofficial information, the lists of proposals for confidence-building measures are ideas for practical economic and cultural cooperation, as a new border crossing, establish a railway line with the new railroad from Bitola to Kremenica, the abolition of double taxation agreement.