The Minister of Justice, Renata Deskoska explained today that declaring state of emergency doesn’t mean banning free movement, curfew and closing stores.

She said that the situation isn’t anymore different that previously with the state of emergency. The limiting of human rights will be minimal.

“The declaration of state of emergency, doesn’t mean limiting human rights and the way of living. But there is a constitutional possibility to limit the peoples movement if it is necessary. The declaration of state of emergency gives the government to make decisions. The state of emergency will last only a month, with a possibility to extend it or to stop it, depending on the epidemic” said Deskoska.

She also said that all measures that were made previously are still in power and it will not mean that during a state of emergency new set of measures will enter into force. For each new decision to introduce tougher measures, the government will inform the citizens on time.

Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski also explained that during a state of emergency the life of the citizens will not stop i.e. the people’s rights and freedoms will not be automatically be limited.

He appealed to elderly citizens not to leave their homes and for every need to contact the local authorities and the Red Cross where there are volunteers that will help them.