Vouchers and payment cards will be given to unemployed young people and employees with low incomes


During the regular press conference, Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski presented the third financial aid package prepared by the Government. The value of this package is 355 million EUR and is intended for 730.000 beneficiaries. The total aid for the economy in all three packages during the coronavirus period has risen to 550 million EUR i.e. 5.5% of the GDP.

Around 100.000 citizens will receive payment cards amounting to 9.000 MKD for purchase of Macedonian products and services. This measure is available for all unemployed persons and those that seek jobs but their incomes are below 15.000 MKD monthly including beneficiaries of guaranteed minimum assistence. This payment card will be valid for 30 days. The value of this measure is 16 million EUR.

Also, around 100.000 Macedonian citizens will be given vouchers for domestic tourism in the amount of 6.000 MKD and a domestic payment card worth 3.000 MKD.

This measure is intended for all employed citizens that receive a salary below the 15.000 MKD monthly and had no other incomes in 2018 according to the annual tax report at the Public Revenue Office. This voucher is intended for use for hotels and other lodging capacities in Macedonia whereas the payment card will instigate the purchase of domestic products and services.

Also, the young can apply for payment cards worth 3.000 MKD for domestic products and services. .

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