The lifting of restrictive measures which were imposed to limit the movement of citizens due to the coronavirus has begun. By slowing all human activities that are damaging the environment, the air pollution decreased. This is evident from the latest data that indicate a lower presence of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles and the nitric duoxide in the Skopje air during April 2020. The lower frequency of vehicles in the streets of Skopje has led to the decrease of these particles.

But the question is whether the city authorities will take any measure and what sort of measure it might take in order to prevent again the rise of pollution? The City of Skopje stated for that the public transportation will be organized in accordance with the instructions provided by the state crisis center and as the situation will be changing and the proposals by authorized institutions, so will the timetable be adapted for all participants in the public transportation in Skopje.

The city authorities reminded that in the forthcoming period, 33 new eco-friendly buses will arrive for the needs of JSP Skopje including subventions for citizens to purchase bikes and electronic scooters.

The city ‘s authorities stress the improvement of conditions for the use of bikes through investments in the reconstructions of the existing and building of new bike friendly infrastructure and the city has always supported the use of bikes as alternative means of transportation.

Following other cities throughout the world, a month ago, associations such as “NaTochak” and “Sustainable Initiatives” have sent an open letter to state institutions where they demand they should act upon their requests regarding the #AntiSpaceKorona initiative. They demand that they should be given more space for pedestrians and bikers stressing the fact that the all movements without the use of engines contributes to lowering the air pollution.

So far, these associations are in communication with the municipalities of Butel, Centar and Karposh. Authorities aregenerally giving their support for their initiative, bu they want a coordinated approach towards addressing the needs that the “new normal” situations demands it.

The City of Skopje replied briefly upon’s question regarding this initiative and the city’s measures.

-The City of Skopje is analyzing the received proposals by this initiative, the solutions that are acceptable including what can be accomplished in fact – said the city’s representatives.