The title of the article “SHALL WE BE LEFT WITHOUT BREAD?: Do we have reserves of flour for 26 days, and are trucks loading it and transporting it to Kosov? is causing panick that Macedonian citizens will remain without bread, and the claim is not backed by any evidence, writes “kriTink”.

The information was denounced by the Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi, who assures that there is enough flour and wheat, and also an import is allowed from Serbia, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

-When writing that Macedonian citizens could be left without bread, especially when a state of emergency has been declared then you have to present serious evidence in order to back your claim. The published photographs of trucks with kosovar plates including a video recorded from a car do not represent a proof for such serious claims- that the wheat is transported to Kosovo – said Bekteshi.

He said that the media that spread false news should be ashamed especially during a state of emergency.

“I appeal to all citizens that we have enough reserves of wheat and flour, and we made a decision to ban exporting it in other countries. There are controls and inspections and the borders are secured. The spread of false news is a criminal offence. I appeal to the media not to publish false news that cause panick among the public” wrote Bekteshi on his Facebook profile.