Today’s cross-examination of the suspects being investigated in the “Fortress” case, one of which is the former Minister of the Interior, Gordana Jankuloska, was interrupted by the Preliminary Judge presiding who was suddenly taken ill, emergency medical services were called to attend, causing the hearing to be suspended, “Meta” has learnt.

The Court stated that all parties concerned will be notified as and when the hearing will resume.

After approximately four hours of questioning, the former Interior Minister Jankuloska left the court accompanied by her lawyers.

Jankuloska commented that the hearing had been suspended, but would not comment further, only saying it was for the court to cite the reasons.

In relation to the “Fortress” case, Jankuloska would only say that she does not feel guilty before going on to say that she expected more such investigations from the Special Public Prosecutor’s office in the near future, and that such actions are all part and parcel of the SPP’s political agenda.