Jankuloska: Days in which the police will be again tested are upon us


“Macedonia and its institutions are faced with one of the major tests in recent history and because you are expected to be extremely focused on the task. Be persistent and professional and respect the Constitution and laws”, said today Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska in her address on the occasion of the Day of the Police, referring to the events of the protest that was held in front of the Government on Tuesday.

– Days in which the creators of crisis, destabilization and anarchy will again test the preparedness, professionalism and bravery of the police are upon us. These challenges need to be answered in the same way as before, calmly and dignifiedly, but also decisively, uncompromisingly and with devotion. In these days of temptation, with your work, you are writing bright pages in contemporary Macedonian history, the work of which citizens are grateful and which will be remembered, and future generations will praise and mention it – said Jankuloska.

Minister mentioned the recent attack on the police station in Goshince, after which, according to Jankuloska, individuals tried to “bring divisions and discord, insinuating that one possibility was directing the attack by the Government itself.”

– Monstrosity which shows what can one mind, spoiled by sick ambition, without work and projects, do to come to power with manipulations. The four colleagues, as well as all those involved in the investigation, know how twisted these allegations are. It is good that they are denied with each passing day and each new finding – said Jankuloska.

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