Information about counter-protests is spreading


Information and ideas on counter-protests began to spread across social networks, but our sources unofficially say that the municipal committees of VMRO-DPMNE are increasingly preparing for a counter-protest. As they say, even lists for counter-protests are being prepared in the committees.

Confirmation of this is the speech of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski yesterday’s appearance in the news on TV “Sitel”. Prime Minister said that he continuously received calls to act more forcefully and to prepare a larger organization.

– I’m constantly getting messages with revolt, why not act more forcefully, why not arrange this or that. I heard that people even begun to self-organize, make lists and so on. It should not be done, we should be calm, wise, sensible, and not to get into the game of Zoran Zaev, who wants to make the people fight and to violently take over power – stated Prime Minister in the news on “Sitel”.

But MP Zoran Ilioski from Bitola denied the statements by the Prime Minister. In his statement to META news agency, he confirms that there have been meetings in the committee in the past few days, but the organization of counter-protests was not discussed.

– We have regular meetings, but there was no such suggestion. We did not think to enter the scenarios where citizens of one city would oppose others in the city or the country. So, there were no such thing for people to organize counter-protests – says Ilioski.

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