Zaev’s “bomb”: Ten reasons for a new investigation about Mladenov


At the beginning of the press conference of SDSM, reporter of TV “Sitel”, in the name of MAN, insisted leader Zoran Zaev to apologize for attacks on journalists, and also gave him a copy of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

At today’s press conference, Zaev presented tapped conversations regarding the death of journalist Nikola Mladenov.

– The evidence strongly suggests that the government of Gruevski led the procedure for Nikola Mladenov irresponsibly. The public knows that the crash was closed as an accident without criminal procedure. Today, audio conversations open the question whether the case can be closed as a tragic accident or there are indications that someone may have initiated the accident – said Zaev.

Gordana Jankuloska and Martin Protogjer talk about how an investigative judge should make a statement. Protogjer insists MOI not to make a statement and say that the investigative judge will have to give his opinion about the investigation. Jankuloska said that the last person that Mladenov saw is Stevcho Jakimovski. She explains that his wife was talked to him at about 10 pm, but he did not return for several hours. In the morning, she reported this to the police. Jankuloska said that there is nothing, but that he went off the road in his car. Jankuloska explained that she talked to Pavle (Trajanov), who asked her on behalf of Mladenov’s wife to check his location by phone. She also explains that Mladenov’s wife came to the police station, filled an application for locating Mladenov, after which he was found in two hours.

With an interlocutor, Vlatko Mijalkov talks about where the accident occurred. They say that Mladenov was financially burdened and that, perhaps, suffered a stroke.

Ivo Kotevski tells Jankuloska that criminal forensics is completed. He explains that it should be sent to an investigative judge. They talk about the forensics report that should be submitted to the judge. Jankuloska explains that the car should be taken to examination at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty. They talk about the statement of the judge and comment that it will be interesting for the media. They say that UBK should go to the judge and explain it to him. Kotevski inform her that UBK does not go to meetings where traffic violations are discussed.

Martin Protogjer and Gordana Jankuloska talk about how Zhoro (Zoran Dimitrov, “Nova Makedonija”) wrote a message that he had evidence regarding Mladenov. Jankuloska tells him that the investigation is led by an investigative judge and that she will organize a meeting with him or with the prosecutor. Protogjer explains that Zhoro had information that would confirm Mladenov’s whereabouts and would end all speculation.

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