Jankuloska: I won’t comment on created and illegally obtained materials


In her first public appearance since the leader of the opposition began to publish recordings of the “bomb,” Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska would not comment sections of the recordings, saying it is a matter of “created materials which are published illegally and, according to the confession of the announcer, are obtained illegally.”
– A longer period now, Mr. Zaev publishes material for which it claims he received illegally and carries out their publication in an illegal action and, in that sense, I wouldn’t like to comment on the materials that he illegally possesses, especially given the fact that he is one of those suspected of felony, which, of course, should get institutional finish and if any of the institutions considered that, during a legal action, my statement is needed, I am ready to say everything I have to say to the institutions – stated Jankuloska.
Jankuloska assessed the moves of the opposition leader as “something unheard of in the world”, with which Zaev violates the country’s image.
– This his behavior violates the country’s image, disturbs the atmosphere in the country because he directly threatened 26,000 people, for who he said that if they don’t behave to the way he wants them to behave, he will publish something that they would not like – Jankuloska said, but did not answer why they don’t arrest him if he is so dangerous.

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