In 18 years, a decline of 40 million passengers using public transportation (infographic)


The number of transported persons by the public transportation in Macedonia has been dropping through the years, but nevertheless, more and more Macedonian municipalities are deciding to introduce regular public transportation in the cities. The data provided by the State Statistical Bureau indicate that last year 71.400.000 passengers have used urban or suburban transport, while in the year 2000, 111.408.000 passengers have used the public transportation.

Statistical data indicate slow decrease in the use of public transportation in the country regardless of the current trend of increase of the number of municipalities where this sort of transportation is offered. Urban and suburban transportation is offered in several Macedonian cities, including Skopje, Kumanovo, Veles, Kochani, Kavadarci, Prilep, Bitola, and Ohrid.

The cities of Stip and Tetovo are considering introducing public transportation in these two cities and the municipality of Tetovo in 2016 formed a Public enterprise for public transportation “Tetovo transport”. Despite this, the citizens of Tetovo still cannot use this type of transportation, because the city buses haven’t been purchased and the planned lines haven’t been introduced.

The statistical data for the period starting from 2000 until today showcase that the number of city bus lines, their length, and the number of vehicles that are operating have increased from year to year, but on the other hand, the vehicle’s capacity for transporting passengers has decreased because of the switch from buses to microbuses as means of public transportation.

Skopje and Prilep are the two cities that have public enterprises for public transport. Apart from the current procurement of city buses in Skopje, the local authorities in Prilep are considering buying 4 new buses that will run on natural gas. Its public enterprise, PUP – Prilep, with the new rolling stock will maintain the current three lines in the city, which makes Prilep the only Macedonian municipality where the public transportation is offered only by a public enterprise.

The bus lines in Skopje are organized by JSP – Skopje and two private enterprises, while the public transportation in other cities is organized only by private bus transportation companies.

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