“High School Plenum”: The punishment of Ilina Dimovska is a classical example of censorship


The “High School Plenum” condemns the pressure recently put on the high-school student Ilina Dimovska from Veles, where her behaviour was deemed inappropriate after she had expressed her opinion on her “Facebook” profile about the school and they demand the school stops this punishment.
From the “High School plenum” they say the school, with their recent actions have put the school girl under immense pressure and have shown their approval of censorship.

“The management of the school, with this move, are boldly reaching out for freedom of belief, conscience, thought and public expression, which is guaranteed by the Constitution. The school and their actions made a classical example of censorship and pressure, in addition, they have prevented the high-school student to appeal or complain. We would like to express our clear support of high-school student Ilina Dimovska from Veles, while this act from the administration is undoubtedly just another number in the list of failed attempts to trample on free and critical thought and the depreciation of the revolt of the poor education reforms, ” reads the response from the ” High School Plenum. ”
The high-school student Ilina Dimovska who attends the school “Koco Racin” in Veles, was condemned for inappropriate behaviour, after she had expressed herself through her “Facebook” account on November 16 and criticized the school’s employees. The punishment for her ‘inappropriate behaviour’ was made without the School’s Council, or the girls parents, and was not conducted in a proper manner.

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