The opposition speak more and more of boycotts, radicalization and protests


What awaits us in the in the upcoming period, radicalization of the resistance or a new May the 17th, if the ruling coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE insists that elections are held on April 24th?

If we were to judge by the statements of just some politicians, like Ljiljana Popovska and Stevo Pendarovski, one might say no, but after the announcement of 75 non-governmental and civil society organizations – yes!
Civil society representatives wrote to Commissioner Johannes Hahn and many other members of the “International Community” that without meeting conditions for free, fair and democratic elections, the date for early elections has to be postponed, otherwise civil society activists will have no option but to call for a boycott of the elections scheduled for April 24 and organize mass protests against the “regime.”
After many people came out for mass protests recently, this openly suggested to some parties and organizations to act as an opposition after Hahn visited the country on January 15th. Since then the political situation has again become dramatic.
President of the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia (DOM), Ljiljana Popovska appeared on the show “Top-theme” on “Telma”, on Friday where said she would join any protests organized by the opposition.
Stevo Pendarovski who was active with the platform “Citizens for Macedonia” and was a SDSM candidate for the last presidential election, symbolically, on his Twitter account, suggested for more protests.

“It looks like a new May the 17th is coming! “Citizens for Macedonia” in coalition with “For the Savior of Macedonia” Pendarovski wrote on is Twitter account on January 19.

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