The Interim Prime Minister who will be conducting the election, Emil Dimitriev, now works in the Prime Ministers Cabinet, in the same seat as if his predecessor Nikola Gruevski, in the Government Building, confirmed the Government’s Spokesman Aleksander Georgiev.

The President of VMRO-DPMNE, however, spent his day working in the office at the Party Headquarters, said Ivo Kotevski, the Director of the party’s Communications Center.

The Government, however, could not send us a photograph of Dimitirev at his work space, but we have been promised at the first subsequent meeting of the Prime Minister in his office, we can take photos and videos.

Nikola Gruevski on January the 14th of this year resigned as President of the Government, under the Przhino Agreement and as his successor the party elected General Secretary Emil Dimitriev.

Dimitriev, was sworn in on January 18 in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia.