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If you like games in the style of Dark Souls, this game is for you. The game Hellpoint is free to get on GOG until the 17th of June. The difficulty of the game is somewhere between Dark Souls and Remnant from the Ashes.

In this game, the player can die from 1 or 2 hits, but it is slightly easier than other games like this one. There are a lot of weapons for melee and different sets of armor but there are also laser pistols and laser guns.

The game takes place in an abandoned space station and the environment is mostly dark, you are fighting against interdimensional monsters with specific designs from zombies to demons and all kinds of creatures. The graphic of the game is nothing special, but it still feels like a newer game. One of the new mechanics in the game is gliding down on a one rail ladder when you’re traveling to lower levels. The laser guns and pistols are more effective on normal enemies than bosses, while a melee weapon and a shield is a safer way to fight a boss. The shield functions the same as in Dark Souls and you can block every hit from normal enemies and bosses. The bosses in the game are very well made and the mechanics for attack, withdrawal, special hits and the same behavior in battle where the players can find an open opportunity to squeeze in a hit-are repetitive.

In this kind of Souls Games the numerous deaths in the game are normal, while you learn the whole game by heart with trial and error and you revive at your last checkpoint. The stadium of gameplay where you don’t die at all is achieved by the players that have played it the most.

This game is also playable with two players at once where you join up and fight together against the enemies. The max players count is only two, there is even a co-op multiplayer option to play on a split screen.

The story itself is mysteriously left on the players to uncover how they progress on and on in the game. There are machines with artificial intelligence that you can talk to in dialog and ask questions and they explain the whole story step by step with each new machine if you have the object named “Mind in Cube”.

From this type of games Hellpoint is considered to be one of the most fun.