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There are a small number of nonviolent video games that contain a little dose of fantasy violence and are most commonly open world games where there is a lot of exploration.

We are talking about games without firing guns and pistols and without “sword and sorcery” violence.

One game like this is ABZU. The game is about a scuba diver that explores the ocean, with wonderful underwater environments, you can swim with swarms of fish or besides whales and the environment is thrilling and the developers really tried to make the whole game like one good journey. The game is discounted by 50% on the GOG Summer Sale (that last to 28th of june) and instead being 20 euros its down to 10 euros.

The other notable game is Journey, that was a Playstation 3 exclusive for a long time and recently came out for PC(Personal Computer) on the Epic Games platform where its on a 50% discount at the moment and instead of costing 15 euros it costs 7,5 euros

It is also for sale on Steam where the price is 12,5 euros.

It is a wonderful game where you explore ruins through deserts and snowy landscapes and all other kinds of environments. The game is mysterious and it leaves you to get to the story by exploration, and the reward is the journey itself as it is titled.

And the third recommendation for a non-violent game would be the game The First Tree, that is also on a 75% discount on GOG.com and instead for 10 euros it sells for only 2,5 euros.

Here you play a fox that is exploring the wilds looking for her little ones, and it uncovers a story about a young man done in voiceover that tells his life story to his girlfriend. The game has a little worse graphics than advertised in the trailer, but it is still interesting and the running with the spirit animal trough nature, whether it’s through green fields, snowy spaces or rainy swamps-the atmosphere of the game is relaxing with the ambients it captures. In recent years the developers are encouraged to make these kinds of games that not only stick out from other games but are like an artform for itself-art form that promotes nonviolence.