Gruevski: The opposition are trying to undermine the negotiations to postpone elections


In an interview with TV “Sitel”, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski tonight announced the construction of a new student dormitory in Skopje, he also announced that Macedonia has the lowest unemployment rate in its history at 26.8 percent and blamed the opposition of undermining negotiations in order to postpone elections which are scheduled for April next year.

The Prime Minister, who usually turns to Television station “Sitel” to give statements, said since Macedonia’s independence when unemployment was at 38 percent, has continuously decreased, and now unemployment is at a “new historic low” standing at 26.8 percent.

The Prime Minister said that in the course of this year alone there were 19,000 new employees.

He accused the opposition, which criticizes him constantly, that in their time, instead of opening factories, they were closing them.

The opposition SDSM, according to Gruevski, were establishing “irrational demands” and by doing so, are undermining the negotiations regarding the election legislative to purposely postpone elections

“There is no escaping elections, they will have to be held”, emphasized the Prime Minister, and that “SDSM know that they will lose, so they have now turned to a black campaign”.

He urged the opposition to submit proposals for the positions of their Deputies as these positions should be filled by October the 20th, according to the Przhino Agreement.

Mr Gruevski announced the construction of a new dormitory in Skopje, which he said the Government made an internal decision however the location has yet to be determined.

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