Macedonia can not get a date to start accession negotiations with the EU if it does not implement the Przhino Agreement, said Vice Prime Minister for European Integration, Fatmir Besimi, in an interview for “Radio Free Europe“.

“ Failure to comply with the political agreement of June the 2nd and if work is incomplete and meeting urgent reform priorities does not happen, it is possible that Macedonia will not get the recommendation. However, it is in the interest of the Republic of Macedonia and the European Union to work on improving the situation and the reform efforts for Macedonia to get a recommendation this year. So, we are working in that direction, as we work to fulfil the political agreements in terms of reforms, Macedonia is taking steps for a report of a recommendation” Mr Besimi said.

The Vice Prime Minister for European Integration expected that the report will have a realistic approach, such as recommendations and the report will have recommendations that will address all issues where Macedonia should be doing more.