After a three day break, a meeting was again scheduled today at 13.30 pm for the working groups, signatories to the Przhino Agreement learns “Meta”.

Mediator, Peter Vanhoutte should submit a draft proposal of the electoral law at the meeting that will be presented to the representatives of the political parties.

“Meta” learned that the only matter agreed upon is how members of the State Election Commission will be selected, while the controversial issue of the Diaspora vote is yet to be decided. The resolution of this issue will depend on the manner of voting in the next parliamentary elections , whether it will be in majority or proportional model.

After last night’s interview with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on TV “Sitel” it is not yet known whether VMRO-DPMNE will abandon the Diaspora vote in the next parliamentary elections. Gruevski said it was not fair to set conditions with a quota for voters living abroad who travel longer distances to vote.

SDSM is still for the Diaspora to vote, but wants their vote to be equal to citizens living in Macedonia.