Grubi: We had a good meeting

The meeting of the Action groups from the biggest political parties was over one and half hours after it began.

The parties did not give statements following the meeting, except for the DUI representative Artan Grubi who said the meeting was good.

During today’s second meeting the topics of discussion were the electoral list and the participation of the Diaspora in the elections. Questions regarding the role of the State Elections Commission is going to be addressed at one of the next meetings.

Today’s team from SDSM is comprised of Radmila Shekerinska and Damjan Manchevski, while VMRO-DPMNE representatives are the same from the previous meeting- Nikola Poposki and Nikola Todorov. DUI representatives are Musa Dzaferi, Artan Grubi and Fatmir Besimi and DPA is represented by Imer Aliu, Bekim Fazliu and Luan Tresi.