The Actions groups will take a vacation until August 10

The Action groups of the political parties who are meeting towards implementing the Przhino Agreement are going to function until Friday. Following that day they are going to pause until August 10, finds out Meta.

The reason for the pause, according to our information, is that the foreign facilitators in the process are also taking their summer vacation.

Today’s team from SDSM is comprised of Radmila Shekerinska and Damjan Manchevski, while VMRO-DPMNE representatives are the same from the previous meeting- Nikola Poposki and Nikola Todorov. DUI representatives are Musa Dzaferi, Artan Grubi and Fatmir Besimi and DPA is represented by Imer Aliu, Bekim Fazliu and Luan Tresi.

Representatives from OSCE and the EU’s mission to Macedonia, as well as international experts lead by Peter Van Hoyte are also participating in the meetings.

The Action groups have held meetings since the introductory meeting on July 22 that took place in the offices of OSCE in Skopje.