Opposition shouldn’t hope that it would come to power through DUI and Ali Ahmeti, and return to the Assembly, said DUI MP Artan Grubi at today’s session of the Commission on Mandate and Immunity issues, on which, the draft decision for revocation of the mandates of opposition MPs who boycotted the Assembly was brought.

– From 2002 to today, both parties are trying to come to power through DUI. That effort is pitiful because power is earned with a good offer. MP’s mandate is strong, because 7,000 to 10,000 voters stand behind it. By boycotting the Assembly, MPs of SDSM don’t grant the wish of these voters, and therefore they will be punished for it in the next elections – said Grubi.

Once again, he asked the opposition MPs to return to the Assembly.

SDSM reacted with a press release to Grubi’s speech.

– It’s a pity for DUI MP Artan Grubi that the announcement for a director of the Center for Communications of VMRO-DPMNE was closed. In accordance with the views and opinions presented by Grubi in public, he would be a great potential for this position in VMRO-DPMNE – reads the statement of the opposition.