Assembly Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory-Immunity Issues adopted a draft decision to revoke the mandates of opposition MPs. Their colleagues from the Assembly unanimously voted that the absence of opposition in the past six months is unwarranted, because they didn’t showed at any of the plenary sessions, nor in the working bodies of the Assembly, and they didn’t announce or made any justification for it.

– A total of 31 MPs from the opposition, in a period of six months, from 10th of June to 10th of November, missed a total of 40 sessions. They didn’t participate in the sessions and didn’t notify the Speaker of the Assembly for their absences due to which, we conclude that they were unjustifiably absent – said Committee President Aleksandar Nikolovski.

At the Conference on Equivalent Regional Development, when asked, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said that the views of SDSM are clear and that they are willing to discuss the topics they mentioned.

– From 10th of March, we pleaded the mandates of MPs to be revoked and even submitted our resignations. It is up to the parliamentary majority and, above all, the two-thirds majority, to make a decision. Whatever the decision, will respect it. Our views are clear. The five requests are present even in all reports of OSCE, ODIHR, theEuropean Union and the State Department – said Zaev before the Conference on Equivalent Regional Development, which is held in Skopje today.

Zaev said that they won’t give up on any of their requests, while, regarding the “bomb” which he heralds for a longer period now, SDSM leader reiterated that the arguments and evidence that they have will be disclosed in the moment when they assess that there are conditions for it.

– At the moment we are confident in the success of our scenario, we will share the truth with citizens. They deserve to know the truth from beginning to end and it will happen – said Zaev.

The conclusion of the Committee should be submitted at the next session, and its final adoption will require the votes of at least 82 MPs.