Greece sent a new proposal to European institutions


The information for a new agreement from the Greek side is getting louder and the government plane was ready to transport Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Brussels or Berlin to discuss it. According to the Government Cabinet, the Greek government today submitted a new proposal for a two-year contract with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) to the lenders, which will fully cover the financing needs of Greece and at the same time allow the restructuring of Greek debt.

Any further details for the program neither the conditions set for financing of Greece are not known, nor for the completion of the current financial package. Government sources say that the referendum of the Greek government doesn’t put an end to negotiations, but it is a measure on their continuation with better conditions for the Greek people. The cabinet claims that the government will eventually fight for a sustainable solution within the Eurozone and that is the direction in which all votes against bad deal for the creditors of Sunday’s referendum.

According to unofficial information in Greece, Tsipras think about the idea of canceling the referendum or its implementation, but with a new text and a deal that could be accepted by the people. It is speculated that the cabinet is upset by people’s panic created by the announcement of a referendum, the images of queues of citizens in front of ATMs who frantically withdrawing money, as well as secret surveys about the possible outcome of the referendum, which show a greater inclination to accept the measures. The results from the surveys have not yet leaked to the public.

According to recent public surveys of the media, many people are on the side of Greece staying in the Eurozone. Survey for newspaper “Proto Thema” shows that 57 percent of respondents are on for a deal, and the survey for the newspaper “To Vima” shows that respondents would vote “for” in the referendum. More specifically, according to the survey, 47.2 percent said they would vote “yes”, 33 percent “against”, and 19.8 were undecided. Of respondents of “To Vima”, 67.8 percent said they choose Greece to keep the euro.

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