Greek farmers will block motorways throughout Greece, for now there are no blockades on the border


Traffic movement through the motorways in Greece in the coming days will be difficult due to a mass strike organized by disgruntled Greek farmers. Farmers are dissatisfied with the measures of the Greek government for pensions, health insurance and the abolishment of benefits.
Over 10,000 farmers with their tractors will be protesting on motorways throughout Greece and occasionally will block traffic movement through them.
For now, there is no blockade on the border crossing point, or the border crossing at Dojran to Greece. The nearest point to the Macedonian-Greek border where farmers are expected to be is at the entrance of the town Kilkis. Today at noon, the farmers will meet in Tempe at the crossing in Larissa which will be completely closed to vehicles. and decide today at noon what their course of action will be in the coming days.
Greek police have already issued instructions for drivers on which roads can be used to avoid blockages. In northern Greece, for now there are roadblocks at the pay tolls towards the border with Turkey, the motorway Kilkis – Petrich, near Kavala and the Egnatia motorway, the rest are set up on the motorway to Athens and the Peloponnese.
After today’s meeting in Tempe, blockades are expected to increase as well as the numbers of protesters and the duration. It is still uncertain whether they will be blocking the borders.

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