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Through the tolls we pay for the loans, interests and commissions for the motorways (video + infographic)

Despite the fact that the Macedonians have the lowest salaries in Europe, they still pay very expensive tolls. The compensation for one kilometer by car is 2,6 denars, and the adoption of the new toll price in 2014 was justified by VMRO-DPMNE, which claimed that the global economic crisis has ended and the compensation must be increased to the...

Greek farmers will block motorways throughout Greece, for now there are no blockades on the border

Traffic movement through the motorways in Greece in the coming days will be difficult due to a mass strike organized by disgruntled Greek farmers. Farmers are dissatisfied with the measures of the Greek government for pensions, health insurance and the abolishment of benefits. Over 10,000 farmers with their tractors will be protesting on motorways throughout Greece and occasionally will block...