Based on an analysis of one of the telephone conversations published by the opposition, between Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and one of the ministers, German laboratory “Tonambulank”, which carried out the analysis at the request of “Al Jazeera“, verifies their authenticity, reported the medium.

It is the conversation in which it is heard how Gruevski and Janakieski negotiate a commission from a Chinese company that builds a highway in Macedonia.

Audio expert Fabian Scherer analyzed only if it is matter of a manipulated recording, not of the owners of the voices in it.

– I think that it is original. Nobody can say 100 percent for sure, but 99 percent, it is genuine recording – he argued.

Scherer explains that there are two audio channels, which are difficult to manipulate and delay from one channel to another is always the same. If they were manipulated, the delay would have been different. According to him, the equipment used for wiretapping is professional.

– It is quite a clear voice, while, on the other hand, there is a little noise. This format of 8,000 bits is characteristic for professional equipment and therefore I think it’s a professional recording – he says.

The German expert is sure that it is extremely difficult to manipulate, i.e. to create such recordings.