Although there were brief hopes that negotiations are nearing their end, again no information is communicated for the building of the European Commission in Brussels, where, on the 11th floor, negotiations between the four political leaders, Nikola Gruevski, Zoran Zaev, Ali Ahmeti and Menduh Thaci are held.

Unofficial estimate is that the meeting could last late in the evening, and EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn canceled the visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he should have traveled tonight.

Official statement on Hahn’s website reads that the visit was canceled due to the situation in Bosnia, not because of negotiations with Macedonian leaders. In any case, this situation leaves them more time for negotiations.

Diplomatic sources say that the talks are intense and that there was not even time for lunch. It remains to be seen whether there will be a joint dinner.

Ahmeti, Zaev, Gruevski and Thaci negotiate with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn for exiting the political crisis with which the country is facing for more than a year, and which deepened with the publication of the “bombs”, i.e. recordings of wiretapped conversations.