During today’s first hearing in the case of Racket, the former Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva said that she doesn’t feel guilty.

“I don’t feel the slightest guilt” said Janeva about the misuse of office and authority.

Before the start of the trial, prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska said that Janeva has “shamed herself and has downplayed the trust of the entire nation.”

“We shall present hard evidence that Janeva has consciously given Boki 13 materials of pre-investigation procedures that are official secrets in order for Boki 13 to extort enorous sums of money in order for these procedures to end with an agreement of in the best case the accused turn into witnesses” said Ruskoska.

Neither the prime accused Bojan Jovanovski Boki 13 feels any guilt.

“I feel no guilt neither for the felony of receiving an award for unlawful influence nor for laundering money” said briefly Jovanovski who also claimed that he is unemployed student and has no property.

On the other hand, Zoran Mileski pleaded guilty and briefly said that he “consciously and without any pressures pleads guilty” and he was taken away from the procedure.