First act of ad hoc body for the media: Penalty for MRT after broadcasting government funded advertising


The ad-hoc body set up to monitor the media during the upcoming pre-election campaigning period have made their first decision, or, to be more precise, they have come up with a proposal for the imposition of a financial penalty for the Macedonian Radio Television (MRT ), in regards to government advertising.

“After the interim Commission for monitoring the media submitted a proposal for financial sanctions, the Agency of Audio and Audiovisual Media Services have filed an initiation of infringement proceedings for the court to impose sanctions – a warning will be issued to the First Television Program Service of Macedonian Radio Television. The violation is due to MRTV 1 during the period between September 2 and September 5, and contrary to Article 75, paragraph 4 of the Electoral Code, did broadcast advertisements that were funded by the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia” read the statement issued by the Agency of Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

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