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Ratajkoski: MTV will sanction employee who aired government funded advertisements

MTV have realized their mistake and will sanction the employee who made the mistake by broadcasting government-funded advertisements, says Dime Ratajkoski, chief editor of the first program service of the Macedonian Television Station. He told “Meta” after receiving advice and guidance from the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Services on September 2, 2016, MTV will remove all advertisements funded...

First act of ad hoc body for the media: Penalty for MRT after broadcasting government funded advertising

The ad-hoc body set up to monitor the media during the upcoming pre-election campaigning period have made their first decision, or, to be more precise, they have come up with a proposal for the imposition of a financial penalty for the Macedonian Radio Television (MRT ), in regards to government advertising. "After the interim Commission for monitoring the media submitted...