Село Бозовце, Шар планина | Фото: Мета.мк

The International Day of Rivers, which is marked each year during the last week of September, will be dedicated this year to the effortsfor saving the rivers at Shar Mountain from the micro hydropower plants. Two days ago, environmentalists, civic associations, hiking associations, local citizens from the surrounding villages of Vejce, Bozovce, Brodec, and Veshala, including nature enthusiasts, formed an informal civic association “Green Front Against the Building of Micro Hydropower Plants” at Shar Mountain, which will also fight for salvation of one of Shar Mountain’s most beautiful areas – Leshnica.

The Green Front announced that on Sunday it will organize a mass rally at Leshnica to alert people about the process of casting into concrete the small rivers, which yields only minor energy benefits compared to their importance for the living environment and the survival of biodiversity.