The children with special educational needs will be able to physically attend classes if it is attended by a smaller number of children in different shifts and by completely following the protocols that were provided by the Ministry of Education and Science. This was approved by the Government during yesterday’s session. The Government stressed that the boarding schools can provide accommodation only for one person in a room with two beds and in a room with more than two beds, only two persons can be accommodated.

Also, the Report about the work conducted by the Commission for Analysis of Submitted Requests by the School’s Founders for Organizing Classes with Physical Attendance was adopted.

“The Commission proposes to approve organizing attendance at classes with a physical presence to 169 schools, 6 state schools for children with special education needs, 1 private high school with approval for an experimental program at the elementary education, 15 central municipality elementary schools, 147 regional elementary schools. Another 32 central municipality elementary schools do not meet the requirements including 11 regional elementary schools, and 2 private schools,” announced the Government.

Regarding the high schools, 66 requests for physical attendance were submitted in total out of which the Commission gave its approval to 4 schools: 2 state schools for children with special educational needs, 1 private high school, 1 municipal high school. Partial approval for attending vocational subjects will be granted to 10 schools (5 arts, 4 municipality schools, and 1 state school – Sports Academy).