Democratic Union for Integration said that they follow today’s developments in Kumanovo with great concern and urge citizens to be calm and not succumb to any provocations.

“Democratic Union for Integration believes that today’s events in Kumanovo, but also the previous ones in Goshince and the explosion in front of DUI headquarters and others, are actions that are in complete opposition to the strategic goals of the Albanians in Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and the Preshevo Valley.

We are convinced that only a stable and secure Macedonia can be of benefit to the entire region and that any destabilization of the country is not in the interests of the Albanian people in the region.

Albanians in Macedonia have a predetermined agenda and are in collaboration with the United States, EU and NATO and wants to see the country with full equality of citizens, good interethnic and neighborly relations, peace and stability and as a member of NATO and integrated into the European Union.
We invite media and opinionists to demonstrate great responsibility in this very delicate time and to refrain from further instigation of the difficult situation.
Citizens of Kumanovo, especially in the settlement where today’s events were carried out, should remain calm and not to succumb to various disinformation.
Simultaneously, the Ministry of Interior to act with full responsibility to the sensitivity of the security and political situation,” reads the statement of DUI.