Drone footage of “Piper” plane crash completed, identification of victims still awaited


Yesterday, a drone which was to film footage of the aircraft accident site near the village of Kozle, Skopje where six people died, has finished. The footage recorded by the drone has been sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for any further action for possible proceedings, announced today the Public Prosecution.

“The footage correlates the other evidence which has been collected, and will be subject to analysis by the Public Prosecutor and experts from the team which was established to investigate the plane crash”, said the Public Prosecution.

Yesterday, the six bodies of the deceased passengers from the plane were transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

“By order of the Public Prosecution, identification will be carried out by DNA analysis”, read the statement.

Teams were at the site of the accident today, the Prosecution reported, where they continue to inspect the wreckage from the plane, and are transferring parts which were yesterday identified and secured during the investigation.

“The remains of the wreckage and other materials will be transferred to the location which has been provided by the Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje, where experts will carry out the necessary examinations. Due to the sheer volume of the material and the needs of the investigation, the transferring of the material will continue tomorrow”, said the statement by the Prosecution.

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